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RecruitKoala makes it easy to find, recruit, and manage participants for your research studies. A free tool by academics for academics.

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How it works

Simply post your study, collect participation interests, and choose the best candidates for your study.

1. Post your study

Post a brief description of your study on RecruitKoala through our tailor-made form. It takes less than 2 minutes.

2. Gather

We will find participants for your study by interfacing with participant pools and save you valuable time and money.

3. Recruit

Analyse participant registrations and choose the best high-quality candidates for your study.

Participate in a study

Take part in engaging research, earn cash or other incentives, and help improve human knowledge.

How does it work?

1. Find an interesting study by clicking here. 2. Register for the study. 3. The study's owner will contact you shortly to discuss your participation.

Who are the researchers?

All posts on RecruitKoala are by verified academics at Australian universities. And all studies posted on this platform have been approved by the ethics committee at the academic's institution.

How will I get paid?

Payment amounts vary by study. The researchers will pay your in accordance with the study's ethics approval.

Recruiting is hard!

Recruiting participants is the most time-consuming, expensive, and difficult part of research.

Recruitment often takes longer than anticipated, incur higher costs than expected, and scientists routinely recruit less participants than they require.

More than 35% of research studies recruit less than 75% of their planned sample, and this reduction in the sample size leads to reductions in the statistical power of the study.

Studies that succeed in recruiting large numbers of patients, participation rates are still very low; only 3-20% of the eligible participant pool chooses to participate.

More than 50% of researchers use more than one recruiting approach to find potential participants, which is extremely resource and time consuming.

Why researchers prefer RecruitKoala

We simplify how to recruit and manage participants so you can focus on the research.

1. Easy setup, fast results

We make research simple, quick, and effective for academic researchers in Australia. Within minutes you can add your study and begin collecting responses.

2. One solution for all your recruitment needs

Advertise your study, find participants, collect participants responses, and choose the best candidates for your research study from a single platform.

3. A tool by academics for academics

As research academics we know how difficult and time-consuming it is to recruit participants for research studies. So we built RecruitKoala to address is problem. RecruitKoala is a tool by academics for academics.