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Five Tips To Increase Your Survey Response Rate

31 January 2021

Distributing surveys is a useful method for increasing outreach to a larger cohort of participants. Surveys are relatively easy to administer and they are more accessible in comparison to other research data collection methods. However, as with any other research methods, research surveys encoun…

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Five Tips For Recruiting More Participants For Your Research

13 January 2021

Recruiting participants for research studies is challenging. It is estimated that more than 34% of research studies recruit below 75% of their planned sample size. Studies reporting a larger number of participants often report low participation rates, with only 3-20% of …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Research Surveys

05 January 2021

There are many different collection methods for gathering research data. Among the research design methods, the use of online surveys has exponentially increased over the years. This blog post will consider the advantages and disadvantages of research surveys as a guide for researchers to determ…

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Five Ways to Reduce Participant No-shows in Research Studies

09 December 2020

"No-shows" can be incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, experiencing no-shows is a typical occurrence in many research studies. Some participants may not show up to their research appointment despite adopting various behavioural engagement strategies. In this article, we explore five strat…

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How to Recruit Participants for Autism Studies

02 December 2020

Individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder demonstrate difficulties in social communication and interaction and demonstrate repetitive patterns of behaviour or interests. Recruiting participants for autism research studies could contribute to difficulties in research recruitment…

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How to Conduct Interviews for Academic Research Studies?

19 November 2020

Qualitative interviews are an excellent data collection method for providing a deeper understanding of the research topic. It encourages stakeholders to provide their perspectives on the topic, allowing opportunities to explore other ideas that were not initially considered. Interviews can be pa…

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Why Is Recruiting Participants For Research So Difficult?

13 November 2020

An adequately powered study is integral to the success of research projects. Many research studies encounter difficulties with recruiting participants. Approximately 80% of clinical tri…

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